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FJFC COVID-19 Safety Officer: Kirsten Toews     [email protected]     0413 759 545

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7th July 2020

Based on the announcement by the Victorian Premier and Chief Health Officer,  we will move  to stage 3 restrictions from midnight tomorrow for another 6 weeks.

In light of this FJFC will pause all training effective immediately and the season will not commence on Sunday 12th July as planned. We will consult with the YJFL and pass on any information we can in relation to season 2020.

As a committee we want to thank all of you that got us so close to a season start. We all put in a lot of effort, we take comfort knowing we did our very best to navigate the situation in a sensible, safe and caring manner.

26th June 2020

Just checking in with a quick update on our readiness to return to full-contact training sessions.

Yesterday morning the AFL released their Return to Play (RTP) protocols.  This is the exciting news we’ve all been waiting for and means we are on track to be ready to kick-off the 2020 season as planned, subject to the Victorian Government giving us the green light!

What the protocols allow for, amongst a number of things, is for clubs to resume full-contact training for players 18 years and under with no limit on the number of players at training sessions.

For this week, and with this news only coming to us yesterday, the club have decided to err on the side of caution for training sessions and not transition to full-contact training this weekend. We are very conscious that we have made great progress so far and want to allow time to properly review and update our FJFC protocols and get everyone around the club up to speed on what this transition means.

We are going to allow one exception to this – we will relax the strict 20 player cap so every player that wants to train can train.

Let’s keep up the great work this weekend and remain vigilant in following our safety protocols such as physical distancing, hand hygiene, equipment cleaning and attendance tracking.  If you have been a contact of a positive COVID case or unwell with even slight symptoms such as sore throat and runny nose, you must stay away from training.

And please remember training is optional. With some of the recent local outbreaks, a number of families have chosen not to attend training for a fortnight – these decisions are fully supported by our club and everyone must do what they feel is necessary to protect the safety of their children and the broader community.

A couple of quick reminders – all FJFC volunteers over the age of 18 are required to have a Working With Children Check (WWCC).  So if yours is due to expire or you need a new one, please go to to renew/apply and add Fitzroy Junior Football Club as an organisation on your WWCC account: PO Box 2447, Fitzroy Vic 3065; Ph. 0413 759 545. There’s no cost involved for volunteers, it’s valid for 5 years and VIT registered and Victoria Police Members are exempt.

And if you haven’t already, please complete your signed code of conduct by following the instructions here or by returning to your team manager or coach as soon as possible.

As always, thank you for your patience and incredible support you have all given our club, we really appreciate it!

19th June 2020

It is so exciting to be back on the field, and I want to say huge thank you to all parents, carers and of course, our FJFC players, for our successful return to training last weekend.

We would like to give a very special call out and sincere thank you to our COVID Reps, coaches, trainers and team managers. With added responsibility on the day, they did an outstanding job to make sure we followed the protocols and provided the safest possible environment for our kids to be out on the park, having fun with their teammates!

As we know, the YJFL have targeted the 12th July as the start date for Round 1. With Government approval, this now seems very likely and we are only waiting for the Return to Play protocols before we can lock it all in.  With a kick-off on this date, and thanks to the cooperation of Cricket Victoria, the plan is to have a 12-Round season, with two weeks of finals, and the season would end in October.

I doubt many of us would have thought this possible a few weeks ago!  But to get there, we have to continue on from our great start last week, keep focussed on the safety of our players, officials and community and remain so vigilant in following our protocols. I know with your support we can do this and our goal of playing footy in Round 1 and beyond will happen for FJFC.

To be ready, there are a couple of requests from me.  We really need some more trainers for this season so if you are interested, please express interest to your team manager and email [email protected] for Colbrow Trainers course information.

We also need your support as we start to move the Attendance Register online over the next fortnight.  As part of the transition, we will be loading minimum data including participant’s name, guardian 1 + 2 names and email addresses.  We will initially pilot this process with a couple of teams and then progress fully, so if you receive an email from TeamApp to advise that you have been added to Fitzroy Junior FC it relates to this process.

Thanks again for your ongoing support in getting us to where we are today – it is so great to see all our players back out in their Fitzroy colours.

5th June 2020

We are excited to share our much anticipated date for return to footy training is locked in – Sunday 14th June is the day!

With our final hurdle complete, the council has reviewed our return to training plan and given us the green light to resume training. Last week, we had all our coaches, team managers and trainers together on a webinar to go through the physical distancing, hand hygiene and equipment cleaning protocols, so we can take to the field, knowing the safety of our players, parents and officials, has been our number one priority.

Our focus now turns to you and your families to get you up to speed with what is required for our return, and we have set-up the following:

  • We will hold a webinar for parents and carers early next week to explain COVID safety and hygiene measures in place and the ‘Get In, Train, Get Out’ principle
  • We will issue members the 2020 FJFC Cultural Framework and Code of Conduct which includes COVID-19 protocols in the addendum. In preparation for return, each parent/player must acknowledge that they have read and understand the protocols and agree to abide by them
  • Coaches will be in touch to share your team’s training details, group, entry and meeting points
  • Each team will have a COVID Safety representative to attend training sessions (preferably two, one as a backup or to share responsibility) and they must have completed the Infection Control training and have certificates sent to [email protected].

A reminder that return to training is completely optional and we understand if anyone feels uncomfortable to return to training and/or have family members at a higher risk. This is a personal decision for each family to consider any potential impacts and even with the adherence to protocols, there is some increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 compared to staying at home.  Please let your coaches know if this is the case and alternative training options are available.

Refund Policy

We also know some people are not comfortable to return to footy at all for this season and over the past couple of weeks, we have received limited requests from people wishing to withdraw from the 2020 season.  For all cases, the club will refund a registration fee of $97 ($22 for partially subsidised registration fees) which reflects the original FJFC registration fees paid less certain non-recoverable costs incurred by the club already in the current season.

Alternatively, for players no longer wishing to play out the season, you have the option to donate your registration fees to the Fitzroy Junior Football Club through Sport Australia.   We are unable to refund the YJFL component of these fees as they have suspended all refunds at present, but forms will be supplied so players/parents can request this directly from them (the YJFL refund when available, will also be reduced due to ongoing fees incurred).

A couple of important points to note are, firstly, withdrawal from the 2020 season will have no impact on priority registration for Season 2021. Secondly, if the season does not get off the ground for some reason, we will look to refund at season’s end for registered players and/or consider the option to credit this towards 2021 registration fees.

Getting our Players Ready to take the Field

Once we kick-off on Sunday 14th June, training will be very different to what our players are used to and we really need your help to make it work. Here are few reminders to share with your children:

  • Everyone will be super excited to see each other but it’s really important that they keep 1.5m away from their team mates at all times
  • For teams with more than 20 players, it is likely the team will be split into two groups for each training session – players cannot mix with the other group and will have to stay with their designated group
  • You will need to arrive just in time for training and leave immediately after the session
  • Most importantly if you feel unwell, even with a sniffle, DO NOT attend training until you are well.

All this being said, I know everyone is eager to get back into footy training and there is plenty of room on our huge ovals to work on your footy skills and have fun and a good laugh with your team!

With return to footy training underway, we are also working closely with YJFL who are targeting a potential return to games from 12th July, 2020, subject to State Government approval. Whilst this may sound ambitious, we will do everything we can to make this happen should they get the go ahead.


23rd May 2020

With restrictions starting to lift in Victoria, safety of our kids is our absolute priority and it is on this premise that we will approach the return to training for our club.  We are committed to providing a safe environment for all players, volunteers and the community and it’s fair to say we have a number of hurdles in front of us before we can safely put the boots back on and hit the training ground.

For FJFC, we have mobilised fast and have the following in place to get us through this transition period:

  • appointed our COVID Officer – Kirsten Toews – who has added this to her Safety & Wellbeing portfolio. This is a significant role setting up our safety approach, part of which is mobilising an expansive group of COVID officers (similar to the role of ground manager) to make sure we have at least one officer present at each training session
  • established a COVID sub-committee which includes Kirsten Toews (COVID Officer/Safety & Wellbeing), Ben Harrison (President), Inger Pearce (Football Operations), Keli Symons (Coaching Coordinator) and myself (VP/Coaching Director)

As a group, we are focused on working through the many things which need to happen before we can get the kids out on the training field, such as:

  • identify and prepare for the new set of protocols (extensive) including identifying a COVID officer per team
  • get access to grounds (negotiate with council and other users of the space)
  • understand the legal liabilities of looking after officials/players/parents etc
  • recreate a new training grid to fit each of our 31 teams that complies with protocols (currently maximum of 2 groups of 10 per ground)
  • restricted training drills identified and resource library set up
  • support and brief 18 new lead coaches (plus many new assistants) on what will be our new approach to training
  • check-in with all players to see if they are willing and able to resume training when a schedule has been created