Coach: Stephen Nowicki
0467 738 760

Assistant Coach: James Henry

Team Manager: Bianca Novello
0412 276 356

Trainer: Sam Mehr

Team Page Editor: Bianca Novello


The Team

Xavier Mehr

Thurston Walch

Thomas Mortimer

Sonny Little

Patrick Mahady

Luke Jr Novello

Louis Henry

Lewis Nowicki

Knox Pain

James Clayton

Jack Trainor

Indra Sondhu

Harvey Scarborough

Cian McClure

Elliot Hall

Auley Brown

Coaches Report

A special occasion for round 2, getting to roll up and play on the historic Brunswick St Oval. Even more special given the late change of ground, everyone was still on schedule and there was no need to chase any players wandering over around Yarra Bend. There were however a few mouthguards and playing tops left at home. The machine is still a little creaky.

After round one’s drizzle, Melbourne sent us a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. If only it is like this every week. The boys were super keen, and involved and respectful of the ANZAC round service. Linked arm in arm they looked focused, even if a few did ask later what ANZAC is.

The game itself was a turning back of the clock to see Heidelberg (Richmond) Tigers take on the Roys. These teams last seen at this ground on 4 June 1966, when 14,000 turned out to see Richmond beat Fitzroy by 24 points.

Today, the 9.2 Roys started brightly. They moved the ball around, and handballed between teammates really well. They ran, tackled, held the ball in and put lots of pressure on. With most of the play in the Roys forward half it showed they were playing well. However, for some reason that remains unknown as there was no wind to speak of, the southern end remained the dominant scoring end all day. The benefit of an extra season of U8’s began to show and Heidelberg slowly got on top in the game. The Fitzroy boys did fantastically well and learnt alot that will be able to put into practice next week.

Stephen Nowicki