Coach: Matt Drew
0416 208 829

Assistant Coach: Darren Driscoll

Team Manager: Jon Armstrong
0432 596 312

Trainer: Sarah Nicholson
Trainer: Bek Avery
Trainer: Bec Fleming

Team Page Editor: Jon Armstrong

Photographer: Rob Oldfield

The Drew Draw

Round 2 – Bulleen Templestowe vs Fitzroy 2 – 22nd April 2018

Enough of the bullants already! Two weeks in a row we get to play insects. Big, fast insects, that jumped us in the first quarter and although the game tightened up in the second, things were not looking good.

Then, two minutes before half time, Tyler Drew crashed to the deck and stayed there until the ambulance arrived. Later on we hear the game was declared a draw, owing to the match being terminated before the main break.

Fortunately, Tyler only misses a precautionary week.

Bulleen Templestowe: 7.5 (47) defeated Fitzroy 1.0 (6)

Satchmo's Big Five-0

Round 3 – Fitzroy vs Park Orchards B – 29th April 2018

50 games up for Satchmo, who gets to celebrate the occasion with a good win for the team and a fine performance from himself.

Fitzroy: 8.12 (60) defeated Park Orchards B 1.1 (7)