Coach: Michael George
0410 394 541

Assistant Coach:

Team Manager: Pep d’alessandri
0431 331 785


Team Page Editor: Steve Marmo

Photographer: Emily McKie

The Team

Player numbers
1 Alex Vocisano
2 Freddy Marmo
3 Chiron Scacciante
4 Rocket Hope
5 Jack Smith
7 Felix Kneipp
8 Ben Holehouse
9 Iggy Gvozdic
11 Connor Brethereton
12 Oscar Slizys
13 Angus McDonald
14 Josef Hicks
16 Lachie George
17 Noah Atkinson
18 Chris Oliver
19 Will McManus
20 Tully Dalessandri Weis
21 Charlie Hooper
22 Henry Harrison
23 Duncan McKie
26 Seth Vozinidis
27 Spike Hope

Round 6 Fitzroy 2 V Fitzroy 3

What is it about number 9s?

For the second week running our Roy-boys went up against an opposing team with a player wearing number 9 on his back who almost single-handedly put us to the sword.

This week it was Roman Walker’s turn to be BOG against our lads, winning the ball in the centre (despite the close checking of Freddy Marmo), delivering neat short passes inside from the boundary and of course being involved in last-quarter goals to put paid to our fantastic last-quarter charge.

The first quarter resembled a Saints v Swans match circa 2009 with both defences on top and fierce clashes all over the ground.

The highlight was some good work from Felix Kneipp to Alex Vocisano who passed inside to Duncan McKie who snapped a ripper from about 20 metres out to get the boys a goal in front.

But the joy was short lived after Tully D’Alessandri-Weis, who was having another blinder in the ruck, appeared to be dragged off the ball while trying to take his kick after yet another mark. The ball was forced forward and resulted in a goal to have the Roy3 team take a one-point lead.

But the scores were all tied at 1.2 each after Alex Vocisano’s terrific snap from 20m out rolled and rolled and rolled towards goal only to veer away at the end and hit the post.

Tully was untouchable in the ruck, Rocket Hope’s work on the wing stood out as did the ever-reliable rock-of-Gibraltar, otherwise known as Chris Oliver.

Coach Michael was very happy with the boys’ efforts at quarter time and said the scores would come in the second if they maintained their effort with the wind.

But alas it was not to be.

The boys started off with the first point to take the slenderest of leads, before the number 9 curse raised its head.

Roman Walker took on the best our boys could offer and inspired his team in a purple patch that saw them kick the next three goals of the match. Despite the continuing good form of Tully in the ruck and the defensive colossus that is Chris, the boys went to the long break down 1.3 to 4.4. At least Fitzroy was in the lead.

The third quarter started where the second ended, with the number 9 curse continuing with Roman again snapping truly and the floodgates threatening to open. But our lads had other ideas.

From a kick in Freddy marked about 30 out and saw Ben Holehouse on his own in the pocket. From the mark Ben kicked forward to where Henry Harrison marked and kicked truly.

Out of the next centre contest Felix forced the ball to centre-half-forward where a pirouetting Spike Hope got the ball to foot and into the arms of a running Jack Smith who brought the boys back into the match, trailling by less than two goals.

But the momentum was lost somehow (number 9 anyone?) and our opponents kicked the next two majors to take a strong 25-point lead into the last quarter.

But the boys kept their heads up at ¾ time and vowed to live up to the “tackle and chase” creed they’ve shown all year. And did they or what?

Felix capitalised on his increased output and snapped truly from the pocket to bring us back in it. He then got the ball to Ben and on to the ever-running Rocket and back to Ben who kicked truly to bring the margin back to less then two goals. But then guess what happened?

Up popped number 9, taking a hanger over Freddy and then going forward to kick the sealer before being involved in the last as well.

The boys have had a tough last couple of weeks coming up against teams who play as honest and strong as our lads, but both have had one exceptional player who we have been unable to hold. Not for want of trying on our behalf.

Well, at least Fitzroy won.

Fitzroy 3: 9.8 – 62 to Fitzroy 2 5.5 – 35

Goals: Ben 2, Duncan 1 Henry 1, Jack 1.

Best: Tully, Rocket, Chris, Felix, Ben and a special mention to Oscar Slizys who continues to improve and provided some terrific defensive efforts.

Round 7 Fitzroy V Camberwell Sharks

AFTER a couple of unlucky and gallant losses, the Royboys got back on the winners list on the wide-expanses of the Ramsden Street Oval last Sunday.
The boys were literally kicking the dew off the ground when told that Alex and Spike would be co-captains for the clash with the Camberwell Sharks.
But the Sharks were to defy their last placing on the ladder and force the Roys to continue their penchant for the hard and accountable to take the four points.
But the game was to start with a bang for us after we won the toss and kicked to the city end with a slight favorable breeze.
After a terrific intercept mark, Chris kicked forward to Tully who picked up from where he left off last week, played on (as usual) and kicked truly for the first of the match within 90 seconds.
After that Felix did some felix-like things to get the ball to Josef, who was providing great presence up forward, who got it thru a pack to Connor on the line who kicked the Roys’ second.
It was an ominous start for the Sharks, but they immediately lifted their intensity and matched our lads for the remainder of the quarter – the wide expanses swallowing both sides’ lads on the outer flank until the siren sounded with our two goal lead intact.
The second quarter began with the Shark’s version of a number 9 (see last weeks story), albeit number 24, taking off for the first of his many “Manassa Runs” (Google it), taking two bounces over 40 metres and kicking their first unopposed.
A wonderful one-man effort from Spike saw him get the ball to Chris who played on and kicked to where Jack had managed to put himself in a great position, marked the ball, played on and put the lead back out to 2 goals.
The game once again became a battle of defences with some outstanding grunt work from Chiron, Lachie, Ben and Charlie while Seth, Noah, Josef, Henry and Rocket controlled the skies giving our little fellas plenty to work with.
But the match tightened up after a free turned into a goal for the sharks just seconds before the siren, which saw us ahead 3.4 22 to 2.3 15 at the long break.
The third was another attritional battle, the highlight of which came when Seth – who was having a blinder in the ruck – got on the end of another intercept mark by Chris, roved beautifully and snapped around his body to re-establish a two goal plus lead.
Your correspondents’ indecipherable notes preclude him from describing the Sharks’ reply, however the 3/4 time score of 4.7 to 3.4 prove they actually did indeed get one.
The final stanza was a classic example of Royboy Footy, with some outstanding crunching tackles from the tackling twins – Ben and Fred – and some manic attack on the ball and opposition from Oscar and Iggy. Another highlight was the Rance-like attack on the ball by Connor when he stood alone and attacked the ball averting a certain goal for the Sharks.
But it was rather fitting that the coup-de-grace was delivered by Rocket when on the end of some inspirational stuff by Charlie. It must be said that the work between Rocket and the Castagna-like Alex was something to watch. Certainly a break out game for Alex.
So a bit of a grinding victory, but we were made to play hard by a never-say-die effort from Camberwell, and like most weeks, each and every player had to go when he needed to to ensure victory and keep us within one game of the four.
Lookout Donaster!

Fitzroy – 5.9 – 39 Camberwell 3.4 – 22

Best – Seth, Alex, Rocket, Iggy, Chris, Felix
Goals – 1 each to Tully, Connor, Jack, Seth, Rocket.