Coach: Luke McLaughlin
0407 150 020

Assistant Coach: Stewart Denmead
Assistant Coach: David Warwick

Team Manager: Pete Barrett
0411 018 135

Trainer: Richard McCaughey
Trainer: Emma Byrnes

Team Page Editor: Pete Barrett

Photographer: Merv Louey

The Team

17 Toby Righetti
23 Zack Leitmanis
7 Jasper Louey
22 Will Nicholls
21 Ash Denmead
14 Roman Richardson
15 Josh Anagnostau
13 Eamonn McLaughlin
25 Callum Warwick
24 Cormac McCaughey
11 Harvey Markovic
12 Ziggy Barrett
6 Lucien Ihle
10 Tom Croft
20 Lewis Wilson
18 Max Wills
4 Ned Duggan-Gross
19 Frankie Wright-Smith
16 Gabriel Pintos-Lopez


Round 2 Match Report from Coach Luke

Hi Roys parents and carers,

Well, round 2 is done and dusted.  The boys had a great game at our home ground at Alfred Crescent Oval. Conditions could only be described as perfect; not a breath of wind, warm and light cloud with a wink of sun peeking through.  The captains for the day were Jasper and Will.  

We formed up for the Anzac Day formalities and paid our respects to servicemen and women in a nice low key ceremony.

It was clear from the first bounce that this was going to be another tough assignment as the boys were outsized and also out helmeted (apart from Cormac).  

Surrey Park were moving the ball slickly and quickly set up a couple of goals.  Tom and Zack in the midfield were driving the ball forward and our backs were pushing forward led by Harvey and Roman.  

The Roy boys were not to be denied and applied great team pressure through great chasing and tackling to ensure that our first goal (kicked this week by Ziggy) was in the first quarter.

In the second quarter the boys scored 2 goals 2 points; their highest quarter score so far and really started to look like an effective team with the defence manning up and the midfield pushing back to help.  

Team play and encouragement stood out this quarter with lots of voices and assistance to teammates in accordance with the spirit of Anzac Day.  

Will and Toby were getting plenty of the ball and our forwards were looking dangerous, in fact so dangerous we managed two goals, one to Eamonn from a set shot with a great assist from Ziggy and the other a great piece of play from Ned.

Oranges were consumed at halftime and Ash limbered up to come off the bench after suffering a slight strain in the warm-up. Positions were rotated at halftime and the boys took up their new roles with new instructions.  

The defence and mids really tightened up in the third quarter and the result was that Surrey Park only managed 3 shots at goal to our 5 shots. Jasper broke through for his first goal and we really could have had a few more but for a bit of luck. We were only just outscored 10 points to 13.

The magic snakes came out again at 3/4 time and we were in dire need as the boys started to run out of legs in the last quarter. The defence was under enormous pressure as Surrey Park moved the ball in numbers down the ground. Max and Lucien, Cormac and Callum all teamed up well to try to stem the Surrey Park tide but, in the end, we were overwhelmed, scoring 2 points to their 2 goals 6 points.

There were some great highlights in the last quarter with some fantastic team play bringing the ball out of the back line and down the wing, finding targets with our kicks.

So, we did not win the game but we had a lot of fun.  The focus on fun and flair this week was for goal celebrations. We had four goals so we needed to a bit of celebrating, but I reckon we can raise the bar for next week and get some really funky moves happening post goal. 

Harvey took home the inaugural Fitzy award.  Hope he has a fun week with Harvey! And Lucien took home the Lionhearted Award – well done to both boys.

For the statisticians amongst you (anyone know Stan from Stradbroke Island?) our opposition this week scored the same score as our opposition from last week, but we more than doubled our score.  Good signs! 

Thanks again to the parent helper team and TM Pete and especially those who were there at 7.30am to set up.  

That’s all from me.
Go Roys!

View the complete gallery of all the great photos Merv (Jasper’s dad) took on the day here.

2018 U10-4 Black Round One

Welcome everyone, to the first season of Fitzroy Junior Football Club’s first Under 10 Team 4!

“Day of the snakes”
Words: Pete Barrett
Images: Merv Louey and Dave Warwick

It was on a cold, wet day at Stradbroke Park in Kew East that the Under 10 Team Four boys ran out for the first time as one. The first of four grading matches to start the season, their opposition was the Kew Rovers.

Before the game, there was much excitement in the rooms as Coach Luke and assistants Stew and Dave took the players through their warm-up stretches and pre-game drills.

But really, no one was sure what was going to happen.

The Rovers were one player short so we evened up the numbers and Lewis took the bench in the first quarter. The siren sounded and it was on. All the early play was with the Rovers and our back line was placed under enormous pressure. The Rovers scored early and it became a trend that lasted throughout the rest of the quarter. Fitzroy struggled to get the ball into their forward 50.

At quarter time the coaches took the boys under their wing and reinforced some of the things they had been training at Alfred Crescent. Eamonn took over on the bench and the second quarter was off and running. Fitzroy started improving in kicking and marking but it was all Kew.

By half-time this new team, the Fitzroy Fours, were still yet to score. Jasper’s mum, Janet, conspired with the team manager and, in an unorthodox move, dished out oranges (fruit is usually reserved for three-quarter time); Toby, who had sustained a knock, took over on the bench.

Then, during the third quarter, again, it was all the Rovers in terms of scoring but the Lion spirit was strong – our boys simply wouldn’t give up.

At the final break the Lions were still yet to register a solitary point. Coach Luke’s address at the three-quarter-time huddle was simple, yet, it turned out, effective. “I only want you to try and do one thing this quarter: try and score. Anything. A point, a goal, it doesn’t matter. That is your goal.” Meanwhile, Janet gave each of the boys a two-snake allocation – another unorthodox move when convention says this kind of confectionary is a thing for after the match.

The Day of the Snakes had arrived.

The Lions took to the rain-soaked ground in that last quarter like a different team. Handballs hit their mark, tackles were held and kicking with the wind, the ball sailed again and again into our forward line. Eammon took the honours of scoring Fitzroy Four’s first ever points – six of them, in the form of a goal – after marking on a tight angle.

A great cheer went up around the ground and on-field celebrations were conducted with remarkable flair – even some of the opposition celebrated.

But the Lions weren’t done yet. Another goal and a point lifted spirits, while our strong defence kept the Rovers’ sharp-shooters unable to score another major.

The siren sounded for the end of the match and it felt like the Lions had won. First score, first game and a great future. Well done players, coaches, volunteers and officials.

Was it coach Luke’s inspirational third quarter words that turned around the team’s fortunes? Or was it the pack of $5 Allens snakes (on special at Woolies) supplied at three-quarter-time? Perhaps we’ll never know. But we’ll always remember.

Thanks to Merv, Dave and Ben for taking photos on the day. You can find their work by clicking here.